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At Boillix Baits we consider the dietary requirements of Carp a high priority. We have gone to great lengths to formulate baits that are nutritionally balanced, attractive and beneficial. Each ingredient contained in our bait is carefully chosen for its individual nutritional value and texture. Not only have we considered the raw food value of the ingredients but also their digestive qualities. It is imperative when supplying a high quality food source with the necessary proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, sugars, natural oils, Amino and Fatty Acids etc. that the Carp have the ability to digest it and convert these values via their metabolism.

To aid the attractant qualities of our bait we only use the best industry proven feed stimulants, attractants and digestive enhancers. Each bait contains it own unique, combined liquid and powder attractor pack to further enhance the fish pulling qualities via a super attractive leak off. At Boillix Baits we do not use artificial colours and flavours. We believe a good bait should be as natural as possible. Due to Carp's ability to recognise the value of the food items they consume, they will recognise the value of our baits and return to consume it time and time again.

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